Debate: Images & Archive

30th July 2019 at Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (NOVA FCSH) Lisboa

The Images & Archives debate will bring together, on 30th July, at Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (NOVA FCSH) Lisboa, a group of researchers on the history and criticism of photography and cinema who work with historical images found in colonial archives. The particular condition of these images concerning their contexts and the processes of re-contextualization they are subjected to, the challenges put to the (re)construction of their history, as well as the specificity of images as a historical media are some of the topics under discussion.

Each participant will present a specific object, whether the films of the Timor Anthropology Mission, the photographs of bodies “medicalized” by the Anthropobiology Mission of Angola, or photographs of personal files, to reflect on the unique status of these images in their complex relationship with powers or with counter-powers, in a Visual Culture perspective.

The entrance is free.

The journey is organized by the historian Silvio Marcus de Souza Correa, Senior Visiting Professor abroad (CAPES fellow) from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, and by the Photo Impulse research project of ICNOVA.

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