Call for Chapters and Visual Essays

Ebook Images and Archives – Photography and Film / Deadline: 30.09.2020

ICNOVA book collection prepares an electronic book that gathers some of the texts presented at the Images & Archives seminar in 2019. The proposal intends to deepen the relationships between historical, artistic, anthropological and cultural research on photographs and films preserved in archives, both public and private.

The documentary status of these images, their contexts and forms of re-contextualization, exhibition and display, the multiple histories with which they relate and the power relationships that produced and are reproduced by them are among the themes we wish to address, in the context of the “material turn” in the social sciences and the arts. The importance of materiality comes at a time when archives are expanding through digitization and accessibility programs that pose new challenges and opportunities, for both research and artistic practices. The ontological issues of the image in these “duplicate” archives are also noteworthy for this edition.

A variety of photographic and filmic materials are to be considered, spanning the different periods of these media, as well as interactions with other types of images. We also welcome conceptualizations about the archive as a discourse, in itself a kind of medium. Also relevant are topics concerning conservation, circulation and the accessibility of these images.

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EBook organizers:
Teresa Mendes Flores (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, ICNOVA – Portugal) and Sílvio Marcus Correa (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – Brasil)

We accept proposals for chapters and visual essays on these topics, in Portuguese or English, by September 30. Texts must be sent to the organizers through the emails and The Visual Essays must be send to

All chapters will be subject to double blind peer review.


The book will be published in an e-book format, accessible and free of charge, in the ICNOVA collection ( on the ICNOVA website.

This proposal is promoted within the scope of the Photo Impulse research project. For more information about the project visit the website (


Provisional index

Researching Visual Archives
Archival Art: Archive Images in the Arts
Exhibiting Archive Images
Conservation and Restoration of Archive Images
Visual essays

Text format

Up to 10,000 words (recommended), with APA 6ª edition reference system. Texts can be in Portuguese or English, as we will do a bilingual edition. The images are placed in the text with the respective captions.

Visual essay guidelines

Up to 12 pages, the essay can be entirely visual or combine image and text (Portuguese or English), the visual element of the essay must be an integral part of the argument or ideas expressed and not serve as an example or illustration. Submissions must include an introductory text (150-300 words) that helps to understand the visual essay and its relevance in relation to the theme; particular attention should be given to the layout of images/texts, it must be accompanied by a PDF file with suggested layout for 17×24,5cm 300ppi. (useful information:

Publishing Company:
ICNOVA Editions

Publication date
Inverno de 2020


Editorial support:
Coordination of  visual essays:
Coordinators of the e-book:;

Call for Chapters and Visual Essays: Ebook Images and Archives Photography and Film

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